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How to acquire artwork from this site.

How To Order


The Eyemagination Gallery chose not to put prices on each artwork because frankly the process of selecting the right size and surface can be overwhelming. But don’t fret, we are very good at finding the right image, size and surface to fit your space and will assist you in every step. 


Contact Us

Please send us an email to introduce yourself and tell us a little about your needs. Let us know what images you are attracted to. 


Ask us anything. Send us a photo of the room and wall you’d like to match up to a piece of art. Or you can acquire the artwork at the recommended size and we’ll suggest a print surface based on where you’ll display the image.


Print Surfaces:

The three most common print surfaces are:


— Museum quality fine art cotton paper. Archival quality pigments for inks. This option is the most affordable while still creating a stunning impact to your room.

–  Metal Prints - Textured Aluminum: Quite honestly not all images require a metal surface. When matched with the correct image though, it can be quite modern and powerful. The colors will be saturated and contrasty. We’ll assist you in knowing if your selected image would be improved by printing on metal. Mount either with no frame or insert into a floating frame.

– Acrylic Print Series: Once again not all images match well with acrylic but if it’s the right image it can be stunning and almost 3D. The process involves printing on either art paper or metal paper and then applying a 1/8” or 1/4” acrylic panel on top then diamond polishing the edges to encourage light from all directions. This is the most expensive process because it is completely hand-crafted but is offset by the fact you won’t need to frame your artwork. The results can be stunning!



We can ship you the artwork without a frame or framed. It’s your choice!  While we are happy to assist you in matching up the best frame options for your artwork we believe the best path is for you to frame in your local area. The fee you pay for the frame will most likely be less and you definitely will save on freight. When we ship our frames there will be no glass (to reduce possible breakage and damage to your artwork) so you will need to visit a framing resource anyway. 



Once we’ve agreed on a size and print surface we’ll send you a firm quote including shipping charges and an estimated turn-around time. Feel free to inquire if you are interested in a size that is not listed.



When you have decided upon the details of your order, we’ll send you an invoice including the terms of purchase that you can pay with a credit or debit card.


Shipping & Fullfillment

Your order will be placed into a queue for fulfillment directly after your payment. Once complete, it will be inspected and paired with a Certificate of Authenticity. If applicable it will be signed by the photographer/artist.


You will receive tracking information for your artwork. (International clients are responsible for all duties, taxes, and charges levied upon importation)

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